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Labor of Love

Natural Childbirth Classes 

During these five two-hour classes, Peggy will answer any and all questions and concerns you have about childbirth in a comfortable home environment. Her main goal is to take the mystery and fear out of the miracle of childbirth and replace them with good information and confidence. When you have finished your classes you will have a written birth plan to help you navigate your way through your doctor and hospital experience to make it the best possible.

Peggy’s classes are available for both hospital and home births. She provides convenient day, evening and weekend appointments to accommodate all schedules.

Topics include:

  •  Nutrition and exercise for pregnancy
  •  Understanding the stages of labor and how to cope
  •  Info on Common labor variations and interventions, including C-Section
  •  Understanding hospital procedures
  •  Understanding pain management skills and how to apply them
  •  When to go to the hospital
  •  How to get what you need and want in the hospital setting
  •  Newborn care
  •  Breastfeeding